How To Get Customers To Call, Buy & Beg for MORE!
As the title suggests, do you want more customers? Do you want your customers to be calling you and begging to do business with you? If so, this book will show you how.

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Once in a lifetime a man is fortunate enough to meet a genuine human being to change your life forever. My nineteen-minute conversation with you, Ken, turned me, a struggling entrepreneur, into a smashing success. You revealed one money-making formula after another. I was mesmerized by your sensitivity and overwhelmed by your acumen.
Larry Lee,
Ken, your ideas have been a tremendous help in increasing my bottom line. In the first six months I’ve had a 32.7% increase in business.
Wayne’s Deli, Redbook, N.J.
Thanks for inviting me to your workshop in San Diego last month. I enjoyed meeting you and learning about some of your business successes.

After speaking with you for only 14 minutes, I knew I was talking to an expert at starting an insurance business (or any business, for that matter) from scratch and then taking it to the million-dollar mark in record time.

In the last ten years, I’ve spoken at dozens of insurance conventions, workshops, and seminars, meeting hundreds of speakers and authors. But none of them has the success records that you have.

Ken, like I told you, with 460,000 clients for your insurance agency, you’re no doubt the most successful insurance agent I’ve met. And, believe me, I’ve met thousands of agents during my speaking career, including hundreds of Top of the Table members.

Anyway, now that you’ve decided to offer your speaking engagement, training, and consulting services to insurance companies and associations, agents across the nation can learn and use your million-dollar ideas and secrets to make a fortune in the insurance profession the quick and easy way.

Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy International
expert author, speaker, and consultant on
sales and entrepreneurship
In my speaking career, I’ve met many speakers who have acquired their expertise by studying other experts in their fields, but I’ve met only a few who actually have spent a lifetime and millions of dollars to test every idea, concept, and strategy they shared with their audiences. Ken Varga is one of those rare individuals. Not only has he acquired a vast ocean of knowledge and experience by being involved in 32 different successful businesses, he has the ability to convey his cutting-edge ideas and strategies to his audiences in an easy to understand manner. Every attendee will leave his workshop or seminar with at least a dozen tested-and-proven ideas to take their businesses to the next higher level of success.
Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator of #1 New York Times
best-selling series “Chicken Soup for the Soul”
I have just read your book ‘How To Get Customers To Call, Buy, And Beg For More!’ and have one question: Where was this book 35 years ago when I started my entrepreneurial career? It would have saved me years of trial and error learning how to become successful. Not to mention the thousands of dollars wasted in writing poor ads, copy, and letters. I have never been this excited about a “How to” business book, or found one that contained so much practical, valuable information. Any entrepreneur who reads and implements just some of your recommendations, will be guaranteeing their success beyond their wildest expectations.
Ed Starr
President of Starr Marketing and Publishing, Inc.
Lighthouse Point, Florida
Just finished reading your book, “How To Get Customers To Call, Buy, and Beg For More!” You never cease to amaze me. You have tackled the enormously complex subject of business marketing and in your wisdom have made it easy to read, understand and implement. These techniques have helped us generate millions of dollars in sales and develop a loyal customer base of over 8,000 customers. Anyone, and I repeat, anyone, that is interested in developing and growing their business should not only read this book but study it. With over 1,000 titles in my business library, this one goes to “the head of the class.” One of the very best! I highly recommend it for anyone in business.
Joe Marquet
owner of Marquet Jewelers
My mother gave me a college education. Then she gave me your book, “How To Get Customers To Call, Buy, and Beg For MORE! I hate to tell her that the thousands upon thousands she spent on college for me was not as one-tenth as valuable as the $49.97 she spent on your book. Yes. It is worth a whole lot more. I have just started my business. I read your book like a text book and took each page as an assignment. Now, I have my marketing plans, I have created my swipe file, written my USP, just as you said to do. So far I’ve gotten two clients and both of them have purchased more services than I imagined possible because I followed your upsell techniques.
Joy Wheeler
President, JoySea, Inc.
Fayetteville, North Corolina
I’ve never seen anything like it! In the two weeks since I’ve read your book, our sales have increased 20%. I feel I owe you the profit from that 20% increase. I’ve been in car sales/management and insurance sales management and have consistently been a top performer. If I listed every technique you have taught in this book I would have the how-to’s it has taken me years to learn. But what’s most amazing even though I have learned them, your book has made me start implementing them in my own sales and in the training I give my own sales staff. The dramatic increase in sales will continue to multiply, because your book is not just hype with instant peak motivation and then bottoms out…it is real solid application to Get Customers To Call, Buy, & Beg For MORE! I ordered a copy for each of my sales persons and customer service staff. We use it for our weekly meetings. Thanks, Ken. You’ve made my life easier and more profitable for me, my staff, my husband and daughters.
De De Karrow
I heard Brian Tracy say that the sole purpose of a business is to create a customer. With that in mind, Ken, your book most undoubtedly will be the essential reference for any business to achieve that sole purpose. Einstein said that if you make something so simple that fools can use it, fools will use it! You have made this blueprint for business success so easy to use, it is fool-proof! Anybody in business who does not have this book is simply not serious about their business.
Robert Olic
Whether your business is gigantic ($100 million plus) or a home-based business ($10,000) this is a book that every marketer should have. ‘How To Get Customers To Call, Buy, & Beg For MORE!’is a must-have marketing tool because it deals in reality, not theory. This is 100% no-nonsense, hard-boiled, street-smart, easy-to-use information. If you want to make millions in your business, keep this book by your elbow — not on the shelf. This is a fast-moving, information-packed book on marketing, loaded with “tons” of street-wise ideas that anyone can easily apply to their business to skyrocket their bottom line.
Ken Kerr
President of AdMark, top marketing expert and
former director of Walt
Disney’s EPCOT Center and Tokyo Disneyland